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Ultimate One-day Tokyo Must-sees Tour w/ Photographer

Get ready to spend the evening chatting, meeting new people & discovering hidden bars and spots in Tokyo 🍻



Meguro City Ward Area Guide Living in Meguro City Ward 2

Experienced & knowledgeable Guide

Get insights & tips about the ins and outs of Japan

Memorable & Unique Experience

Create special memories through original perspectives


Explore with New Friends

Get ready to meet and hang out with locals and fellow travellers

What's included


🎟️ Tickets
Entrance to the Skytree observatory
🍡 Street food
Multiple street foods for you to snack on

What you'll do

If you only have a short time in Tokyo, or you want the perfect introduction intro the city, then this is the tour for you.

Tokyo is an enormous city with countless things to do, sights to visit, and foods to eat. When you visit Tokyo, part of the charm of this city is never knowing what’s around the next corner, and at the same time knowing it’ll excite you.

From traditional temples and shrines to new and modern city centres, let’s enjoy the must-see attractions of Tokyo, along with some local gems.

Let us take the stress and hassle away from you, by showing you the best spots and how to manoeuvring the hectic train stations.

Want us to help capture photos for you in this stunning city? Want to dip below the surface and dive into the deep-end of this city? We got you!

You will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide and photographer/ videographer, answering any burning questions you have about the city and culture, as well as helping you capture the most natural and beautiful photos and videos.

Enjoy an exciting modern, cultural and photogenic experience around town with your new friends in town.

Where you'll be

Sightseeing in Shibuya Japan

Tokyo is one of the most diverse and unique cities in the world. It is where traditional meets modern, culture meets fusion, old meet new.

At this tour, we will be visiting some of the most famous architectures and attractions in Tokyo. From the traditional temples and shrines to the new and modern city centres, we will take you on a fun and exciting journey to all of the must-see sights of Tokyo!


☼ Visit the observatory at the tallest broadcasting tower in the world
☼ Experience the oldest temple in Tokyo, where you can learn Japanese cultural etiquettes
☼ Shop till you drop at the oldest shopping street in Tokyo
☼ Stop by popular Anime & Manga shopping spots
☼ Visit one of the most important shrines in Japan
☼ Take photos at the busiest crossing in the world
☼ Commute through the busiest train station in the world
☼ Sample unique street food, kawaii snacks and traditional Japanese food and drinks
☼ Take a stroll at the most popular park in Tokyo

Flip Japan Team

Who are we?

⭐️ Featured on & Guided for 4xEmmy Award Winning TV show, Global Passport!
⭐️ Travel agency, events & marketing company founded in 2016
⭐️ Partnered with 300+ Local Businesses
⭐️ Welcomed 3500+ Guests from 25+ countries

In a city like Tokyo that gathers so many people from all walks of life, it’s incredibly fun meeting new people, and it’s even more fun to explore Tokyo together with them.

Working closely in the industry of tourism and events, we have explored so many awesome popular as well as local places all over the city and I thought, why keep these amazing places to ourselves?

Come and join us on an amazing time around the city and uncover a different side of Tokyo!


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