Alpha Beta Coffee Club is a cafe in Jiyugaoka and it has the atmosphere of a West Coast coffee shop. Inside the store, they offer speciality coffee and home-roasted coffee delivered from roasters from all over Japan. There is a tap on the counter and you can enjoy rare overseas craft beers. The spacious open terrace seats are also popular.

There are 6 types of coffee for you to choose from. Three of them are introduced as “A”, “B”, and “C”, respectively, in analogy to the store name. These are coffee from different places around Japan. The other three types are the brand beans “AO COFFEE” and decaffeination baked at the roaster cafe, Alpha Beta Coffee Roasters, which opened in 2020 in Oyamadai.

Jiyugaoka Travel Alpha Beta Coffee Club

Besides coffee, there are different sweets that go well with coffee. The most popular is the “handmade pudding” for 550 yen. With its slightly firm and exquisite smoothness, the texture melts in your mouth. They also have an Avocado Toast for 770 yen. It is made by spreading garlic to the bread of the popular bakery “Toshi Au Coeur du Pan” at Tokyo Metropolitan University, along with plenty of thinly sliced ​​avocado