Cafe Lounge Pandora is located in the historic Meguro Gajoen, which was founded in 1945. Gajoen is also called the Ryugu Castle in the Showa era and is believed to be the inspiration for the bathhouse in the movie Spirited Away.

You can enjoy the magnificent scenery that makes you completely forget that you are in the city centre from inside the glass-enclosed store. In the garden, you can enjoy watching the carps swim in the pond in front of the impressive waterfall.

They serve all kinds of food here at different times of the day. You can try out their burgers, different cakes, seasonal afternoon tea, Japanese style desserts and more.

Desserts and snacks here cost around 1,200yen-2,00yen and there is a 13% service charge.

Meguro Travel Cafe Lounge Pandora