Located 7 minutes north of Nakano station is Daikaiju Salon (Huge Monster Salon), a cafe-bar for monster collectors and lovers.

If you like Japanese films that star monsters like Godzilla or superheroes like Ultraman, you will love this place. Walk in and you’ll find yourself in an Instagram-able toy collector’s dream come true; shelves displaying figurines and stuffed creatures, tables crowded by childhood toys like miniature dollhouses and squeaking plushies, walls lined with masks. You won’t be able to stop looking around, your eyes discovering a new favourite toy with every glance, a few of which are even available for purchase.

The bar welcomes foreigners with their tourist-friendly staff and English menus. Geek out watching episodes of classic shows like Ultraman on their TV while enjoying a coffee, soda or cocktail. They also have a food menu that offers rice meals, pasta and desserts, if you’re feeling peckish.

Daikaiju Salon offers group seating so grab a fellow monster-loving friend and come on by. See if you can spot your favourite monster characters here.