A touch of peace and relaxation in the middle of the big city

This place is a bit more on the spacious side, as compared to most bars in Japan. Despite that, it has a very cozy, intimate feel to it. The tables and chairs are wooden, and they look like the kind you’d see in parks or at beaches. And the kind of casual, relaxed feeling you get in a park or at a beach is found right here, too. And, each table is cordoned off from one another by wooden fences, giving each table their own privacy or sorts.

The drinks are nothing to write home about, but the food is delicious. They serve pasta, salads, pizzas, and more.

The thing I remember most about Fun Yokohama, however, is the service bell. Like most restaurants in Japan, you’re provided a service bell at your table to call for a waiter’s or waitress’s attention. However, in Fun Yokohama, it wasn’t a service bell we had but a service windchime. Little quirks like these make Fun Yokohama a charming little place to have dinner and drinks in.