Honjo Matsuzakacho Park is the site of the mansion where Yoshio Kira lived after he retired from his position as the head of the Takaya family. It was the site of the “Kira-tei Dakiri” (Ako Incident), in which Kira Yoshio and more than 20 others were killed by the Ako Roshi. 

In the past, Kira’s residence occupied an area of about 8,400 square metres in this area but over the years it has been replaced by private houses and there is no trace of it today.

In March 1934, volunteers from the local community association purchased a section of the old mansion and donated it to the city of Tokyo as a historical park, which was transferred to Sumida Ward in September 1950.

The surrounding stone walls represent the dignity of a noble family in the Edo period, and within the park are the remains of the famous well and Inari shrine that once stood in the former Kira residence. There are also bronze panels on the inside walls showing records and paintings relating to the samurai