There are three warehouses in Koedo Kurari, the Meiji Gura (souvenir shop), the Taisho Gura (restaurant), and the Showa Gura (sake place). There is also the exhibition Gura for displaying and exhibiting different items. The warehouses were renovated traditional buildings of the former Kagamiyama Brewery. The exhibition storehouse is designated as a nationally registered tangible cultural property. 

Kagamiyama Brewery started its business in 1875 and Koedo Kurari opened in 2010 to share the local products of Kawagoe. The name “Koedo Kurari” was chosen because “Koedo” is the nickname of Kawagoe, and “Kura” refers to Kawagoe’s famous Kurazukuri. It is combined with “Ri” meaning one’s home. 

The Show Gura is a unique spot where you can enjoy tasting different types of local Japanese sake with their sake vending machines, along with delicious snacks. It’s a fun interesting experience at a low price

You can buy souvenirs and eat here and enjoy what this place has to offer. The souvenir shop, in particular, is a warehouse built in the Meiji era, so it is a place where you can feel the history of Koedo Kawagoe.