Otori Shrine is a shrine located in Meguro ward. In the reign of Emperor Keiko (71-130 AD), this was the shrine dedicated to Kuni-no-Tokotachi. Kuni-no-Tokotachi is a god that appears in Japanese mythology. In Nihon Shoki, it is said to be the first god and the root god of Japanese mythology.

Yamato Takeru, the prince of Emperor Keiko(71-130 AD) stopped here at Otori Shrine and made a prayer to help their battles. The prince also prayed for the cure of his subordinate’s “eye disease”. After their deaf of Kumaso, the invaders at the time, at the command of the emperor, the subordinate’s eye disease was also cured.

Since the power of the shrine helped Yamato Takeru use the sword to defeat the enemies, the sword has been gifted to the shrine and is a valued treasure here. This sword is called Ame no Takegumono Tsurugi.

According to the shrine, the spirit of honour appears here as a swan and is enshrined as a “Tori Myojin”, bird god. You can see the use of the phoenix in the ancestor’s family crest in this shrine.