Seafood Monja Moheji is a famous monjayaki restaurant in Tsukishima. Founded 150 years ago, it has long been a favourite of the locals. The monja broth is made from eight kinds of seafood, so the flavour is concentrated.

We recommend the Mentaiko Mochi Monja topped with a generous portion of mentaiko (cod roe), which is brought in fresh from Tsukiji every morning, and cheese! The stickiness of the mochi and the melted cheese are the perfect combination, and when mixed with the mashed mentaiko and the flavor of the mentaiko, it is nothing short of delicious!

Tsukishima area guide_ Seafood Monja Moheji head office 月島もんじゃ もへじ 本店

One of the most popular stores here is Tsukishima Monja Moheji Main Store. It is open from 11:00 to 23:00, so you can enjoy delicious monja throughout the day. The lines for this restaurant tend to get quite long. If you want to avoid having to wait for a long time, we would recommend you come here outside of the peak lunch and dinner times.