In Yokohama is Bar Soul On, a soul music bar. The bar is drenched in red and purple lights, with the exception of wall lamps that put a spotlight on the paintings hung on the wall, most of them paying homage to soul music. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows at the end of the bar, letting in the light from street lamps outside. This mixture of different light tones and light colours creates a very stylish look and feel to the bar.

The music here is played just loud enough to be exciting, but not so loud that you’d have to scream to be heard. I found myself getting into the groove in my seat. It’d be quite hard to resist the groove when the music they place is so deep and soulful (no pun intended).

Overall, Bar Soul On is a very comfortable bar to spend the night in with a friend or two, catching up over the delicious cocktails that they serve. Come to Bar Soul On if you’re looking for a nice night out with even better music.