L.A. Meets The Midwest
Star Star is round by the south side of Shibuya a little way from the station on the quieter, more corporate side of town.

The bar itself is classy with just a tinge of grunge. For example, there’s very fine, comfortable seating available (classy). But, once, when we had too many people in our group, two of us had to sit on some folded chairs (grunge). The discomfort in the folded chairs was so subtle you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking for it, but if your bottom’s a bit more sensitive, just drink their reasonably-priced drinks until the discomfort disappears.

Atmosphere-wise, the bar is very, very cool. Though it’s a rock bar, there’s a pub feel to its wooden decor. It’s like a mix of L.A. and the Midwest. Fancy, sleek bar plus rustic, homey interior. It’s a winning combination, in our opinion. Design-wise, there’s just enough to keep the place from looking barren, and not so much that the place becomes cluttered/messy (a trap that many rock bars fall into).

Fun fact: the bathroom plays its own record on repeat!

They hold events every week with live DJs performing which you shouldn’t miss. Although Star Star is first and foremost a rock bar, both the staff and owner are into all kinds of music so don’t hesitate to request your own song! Free WiFi is also available—just ask one of the bartenders for the password and you’re all set!