Having been captivated by the marvels of TeamLab Borderless, I discovered its newest iteration, TeamLab Planets Tokyo, situated in the bustling area of Toyosu. This immersive art museum, with its 14 captivating art rooms, offers an adventure that’s both visually stunning and sensually overwhelming. The exhibits, like ‘The Infinite Crystal,’ ‘Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers,’ and ‘Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky,’ offer a plethora of unique experiences.

Ticket prices are quite reasonable, with adults paying between 3,800 JPY on weekdays to 4,200 JPY on weekends and holidays. The museum’s location in Toyosu makes it easily accessible, just a short walk from Shin-Toyosu Station, making the journey as seamless as the experiences it offers

TeamLab Planets Tokyo: What to Know Before You Go There

TeamLab Planets Tokyo’s Exhibition Schedule

Tokyo currently hosts two main TeamLab locations: TeamLab Planets in Toyosu and TeamLab Borderless in Azabudai Hills.

Each venue offers a unique and immersive experience, providing visitors with the opportunity to delve into the world of digital art in their own distinct ways. Whether you’re drawn to the aquatic landscapes of Planets or the digital wonders of Borderless, there’s something to capture the imagination of every art enthusiast.

Visitors can anticipate the continued availability of TeamLab Planets Tokyo in 2024 and beyond, with its exhibition extended until 2027, promising ongoing exploration of its captivating installations.

Tips and Tricks for TeamLab Planets Artwork at start

TeamLab Planets Tokyo vs TeamLab Borderless

TeamLab Planets offers a unique sensory experience that distinguishes it from other TeamLab exhibitions like Borderless. While Borderless captivates with its sprawling, maze-like layout and interactive light displays, Planets invites visitors on a more intimate, sensory-focused journey. Here, tactile engagement is encouraged – from wading through water to physically interacting with the artworks.

Designed as a journey through immersive environments that stimulate all five senses, TeamLab Planets offers a narrative distinct from the visual and digital complexity of Borderless. With its emphasis on natural elements and fluid experiences, Planets stands as a complementary counterpart to the tech-focused themes of Borderless.

TeamLab Planets offers a unique destination in Tokyo’s art landscape, providing a sensory-rich adventure that complements the digital exploration found at TeamLab Borderless. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned explorer, a visit to TeamLab Planets promises an unforgettable experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional art.

TeamLab Planets: Diving Into My Experience

The transition from the concrete jungle of Tokyo to the barefoot path of TeamLab Planets was refreshing. The tactile journey from water to darkness, combined with the visual spectacle of each room, provided a much-needed respite from the city’s incessant buzz.

Drawing on the Water Surface by the Dance of Koi and People 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Drawing on the Water Surface by the Dance of Koi and People - 1

This immersive start to the journey was definitely one of my favorite rooms. Walking into knee-deep water, surrounded by mirrors, I felt a beach-like experience. The digital koi swam around my feet, bursting into flowers upon contact, representing the current season—cherry blossoms for spring or autumn leaves for autumn, with the koi transforming into a stream of lights every few minutes.

The Infinite Crystal Universe 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know The Infinite Crystal Universe 

This room, filled with strings of lights, felt like being in my own galaxy. It was not just a visual delight but an interactive experience where I could control the lights through an app, personalizing the celestial dance to my rhythm, with lights moving through dark, blue, green, purple, and white shades.

Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers - 1

Credit: teamLab

Here, I was enveloped in a dome of flowers, lying down in a circular room with mirrored floors. It felt like being in a sphere of flowers, creating a serene universe that reflected the ephemeral bloom of life.

Expanding Three-dimensional Existence in Transforming Space 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Expanding Three-dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - 1

This hands-on room greeted me with huge, color-changing balloons. My interactions with them altered the room’s hue, showing the impact of individual actions in a collective environment, offering an awesome photo opportunity with its mirrored floors and walls.

Matter is Void – Fire 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Matter is Void - Fire - 1

Nestled within the watery realm, this smaller room featured an NFT artwork that changed with viewer interaction, reflecting the fluidity of perception and the unique experience of owning and altering digital art.

Waterfall of Light Particles at the Top of an incline 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Waterfall of Light Particles at the Top of an incline - 1

Beginning with a pathway to an inclined waterfall, this first encounter with water in the exhibition provided a subtle yet amazing walkway, enhancing the sensory experience with its neon lights in the encompassing darkness.

Soft Black Hole – Your body becomes a Space that Influences Another Body 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Soft Black Hole - Your body becomes a Space that Influences Another Body -1

This unique room required trusting all senses to navigate through, symbolizing how personal and collective impressions leave a mark on subsequent experiences. The effort to traverse it reminded me of my body’s presence and impact, with a shortcut available for those preferring to bypass the challenge.

Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky 

This interactive artwork, inspired by the beauty of flames and combustion, created a mesmerizing glow that responded to my presence, encapsulating the sensory experience of phenomenon and substance.

Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms -1

The only outdoor exhibition felt like stepping onto an alien planet, with oddly shaped bulbs surrounded by greenery and smoke, coming to life when tapped or as night falls, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Floating Flower Garden; Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know Floating Flower Garden -1

This room, with over 13,000 living plants, offered a dynamic interaction as the flowers rose above my head as I approached, creating a living tableau that moved in harmony with human presence, making it my favorite spot for photography.

One Stroke Bench 

Teamlab Planets_ Everything you need to know One Stroke Bench -1

This continuous bench, winding around, offered a communal resting space, perfectly complementing the vegan ramen experience, blending the art of seating with culinary enjoyment.

Wrapping Up the TeamLab Planets Experience

Hey, so there you have it—TeamLab Planets Tokyo isn’t just sticking around; it’s practically becoming a staple in the Tokyo art scene until at least 2027. That means loads of time to dive into its cool, immersive worlds that mix up digital art with real-world sensations. It’s like a playground for your senses, blending touch, sight, and even sound into something you don’t just see but really feel. Of course, be sure to also read our 9 insider tips for getting around teamLab Planets to make sure you get the best of the experience

This place is a gem in Tokyo’s bustling art scene, constantly evolving, meaning each visit could be a whole new experience. Whether it’s your first time stepping into its water-filled rooms or you’re back for another round, TeamLab Planets keeps things fresh and exciting.

So next time you’re in Tokyo and looking for something out of the ordinary, remember TeamLab Planets is where it’s at. It’s more than an art exhibit; it’s an experience that pulls you into a world where art and technology meet in the most playful and profound ways. Can’t wait to hear what you think after you check it out!