The shop front of Bar Dunk is completely transparent, with floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass door, making for a very sleek and stylish exterior. It looks like a fancy, hipster coffee shop you’d find in Ginza. But inside, you’re in for a surprise.

What stood out to me about Bar Dunk was its interior, because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bar with porcelain tile walls before. It’s cool to the touch and its shininess makes it pretty to look at. The colour scheme that they’ve chosen–white and blue–gave me a very Mediterranean, Greece in particular, kind of feel (Think Mamma Mia!, the movie).

Another thing that stood out to me was how the seats were arranged. There are a couple of tall tables that seat four people, each table enclosed with high walls of the same pretty porcelain tiles I mentioned earlier. The high walls create this sense of privacy that immediately made me feel relaxed and at home. It was cosy, sitting in a little cove of our own. Although, be warned that the high walls also mean it’s near impossible to wave down a server; unfortunately, you’re just gonna have to speak up and call for them. So if your Japanese isn’t great, just memorise the Japanese phrase for ‘excuse me’ (‘sumimasen’) before coming here.

If you’re with just a friend or two, maybe you’d like to sit at the bar instead. There’s a TV above the bar and they might be playing a movie you like (they were playing Captain America: Winter Soldier when I was there).

We ordered two dishes, and both were delectable. I think it’s safe to say the rest of their food menu is as well. The drinks are priced reasonably, too.

Lovely interior design and good food can be found in Bar Dunk. I think it’s worth the visit if you’re in the area. And if it isn’t to your liking, there’s a bunch of bars in the area, so there’s no lack of options here.