Ichigaku is a 10-second walk from Yotsuya Sanchome Station on the Marunouchi Line. They are known for their rich chicken and pork soup. The rare and thick chicken and pork soup is a soup made by boiling chicken bones and pork bones at once. The soup is rich in collagen. The soup that combines the taste of chicken and pork bones gives a creamy mouthfeel. 

The ramen comes with two char siu pork and two chicken char siu, cabbage and bonito powder on top. There’s also menma and seaweed as toppings for the ramen. Although this restaurant hasn’t been open for that long, it has gained a lot of popularity. 

Besides their chicken and pork broth, they also have ramen with chicken broth, which is lighter. They also have tsukemen and mazesoba. They are both unique and give you more options, depending on what you have in the mind.