You don’t have to party at the parthenon to hang with the gods. Jokers will take you right to the top of Olympus.

Jokers is the afterlife of the party, where DJs and bartenders from other bars head when the other clubs run out of steam, but the party is still alive. Grecian pillars stand tall in front of the entrance, and tables with marble tops lead elegantly into the bar. The bar itself is sandwiched between two VIP areas lining the wall, and looks over the dance floor at another elevated VIP lounge. This is the ultimate place to chill and dance with 3000 yen shishas, friendly staff, and your favorite Top 40s sounds. The diverse menu of the bar offers you any refreshment you may desire as you kick back and enjoy the endless entertainment rolling across the screens visible from any direction. The walls of the women’s restroom are covered with lipstick kisses celebrating the night, and with that kind of blessing, it’s impossible not to feel the love.

Join the pantheon of gods and have the time of your afterlife at Jokers.