A stage-built hall built in 1631. It is said that Enryakuji, a priest of Jiyoku Daishi, opened Toeizan Kaneiji Temple at the demon gate of Edo Castle in analogy to the relationship between Heiankyo and Mt. Hiei built this Kannon-do as if it were Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto. In the 7th year of Genroku (1694), he moved from Mt. Suribachi in Ueno Park to his present location. The principal image is the Senju Kanzeon Bosatsu, which was relocated from Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto. Since the child-rearing Kannon is enshrined in Wakison, it is also popular as a child-giving, easy delivery, and child-rearing Kannon.