Renagazaka is indispensable as a fashionable spot in Nakano. You can see it by walking a little from the south exit of Nakano Station! A place where you can enjoy delicious rice and sake in a calm space such as a date, a girls-only gathering, or a return from work.

The warm colours are beautifully lit up, and there are many shops that are perfect for adult nights.

A restaurant we recommend is ‘Root.’ ‘Root’ is a store where the motto is to create a peaceful and happy home where travellers can come back. And the restaurant does just that! With the interior being a collaboration of Japanese and Western styles, the restaurant caters to all sorts of people. There are some unique foods such as the ‘Oven-baked thickly sliced cow tongue’ and ‘The pickles of Island Shallot and Mango Marinade.’