This temple was built by the mother of Kawagoe Castle, Renkeiji Temple, to bring a place of peace to the people. It is a popular place as a temple for the common people.

In 1602, it became one of the Jodo sect’s Kanto Juhachidanrin (a school officially recognized by the Shogunate with Zoujoji Temple at the top). Because of this, the temple was given high status and it was allowed the family crest of Aoi. The bathhouse that used to be in the temple was opened to the common people. The lions carved between the columns of the water house on the approach to the shrine is reminiscent of the art and culture of the time.

Obinzuru-sama which sits in front of the Donryudo is very popular with the citizens and it’s believed that your illness will be cured by touching the Buddha. 

Fukurokuju is also enshrined here. Fukurokuju is said to be the god who embodies the three virtues of bringing happiness to people, building wealth, and living a healthy and long life. Originally a Chinese god, Fukurokuju represents one aspect of the work of Amida Nyorai, the principal idol of the mountain, in this world. It is enshrined in temples in China and Japan and is worshipped by many people.