Delicious, friendly and cozy. An intimate restaurant that’s hard to come by in the busy Shinjuku.

Looking to get away from the hustle & bustle of Shinjuku? Rize Mize Italian bar is tucked away in the quiet area of northern Shinjuku. This restaurant and bar has an awesome food and drinks menu serving some of the best pizza from their wood-fired oven in Shinjuku. Walking into the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the tasty smell of pizzas. With a variety of appetizers starting at 300 yen and pizzas and pastas starting from 1,080, Rize Mize also has daily special menus All of their standard cocktails are priced at a lovely 500 yen with a range of specialities priced 780yen. With skilled bartenders that are ready to create delicious and unique cocktails for you, you will sure be able to find that perfect drink for you here at Rize Mize.

Their store is small, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. With their warming atmosphere and bank-friendly prices, Rize Mize is a great place for just another regular evening meal, romantic date nights, special celebrations and even for a memorable party.