Shinganji was built in the first half of 1600 and has a long history, so it is a recommended tourist spot for retro spots and history lovers.

There is a kindergarten inside the temple and you can hear the bright voices of the children every once in a while. As you walk through the precincts, you will find a map that carefully displays the entire area.

Shinganji Temple Main Hall has a long history of being able to survive two disasters. The current main hall was built in 1964. Enshrined in the back of the main hall are three statues of “Amitabha”, “Kannon Bodhisattva” and “Mahasthamaprapta”.

Awashima-do in the area is a historical temple that was built in the 7th year of Tenpo during the Edo period. This is a power spot where Daikoku-sama, the god of medicine and medicine, is celebrated.