In addition to the standard yakiniku set menus, there are more than 20 different kinds for lunch alone, including roast beef, beef cutlet, yukke-don, kamameshi, and meat soba. Yamagata Prefecture is a treasure trove of ingredients. 

The authentic kamameshi, which is rare among yakiniku restaurants, was designed to maximize the taste of Yamagata Prefecture’s “Tsuyahime” rice. The menu of Yamagata beef, which is purchased from a whole cow, is also very reasonably priced. 

The set menus of offcuts of beef, including sirloin and other top cuts, and the generous spread of roast beef show the spirit of the owner. The interior, built in the image of an old private house, is also comfortable.

Tsukishima area guide_ Yamagatayama 山形山 月島店