Yamamoto-tea is a traditional Japanese house that blends western-elements into its architecture. It was once the home of Yamamoto Einosuke, a businessman who manufactured camera parts. The architectural style of Japanese and Western blended elements is called sukia-zukuri, which was a popular design style in the Edo period. Outside of the house is a beautiful garden for you to enjoy, and on certain days, you can also enjoy traditional musical performances as well! There is a small cafe here so you can try out their Matcha, coffee and ramune and spend a relaxing time while looking at the garden.

Admission: 100yen

Tora-san Museum & Yoji Yamada Museum

  • General: 500 yen 
  • Children / students: 300 yen
  • Silver (Elderlies above 65 years old): 400 yen

Yamamoto-tei & Tora-san Museum & Yoji Yamada Museum

  • General: 550 yen 
  • Children / students: 350 yen
  • Silver: 450 yen