Are you on the lookout for some top-notch Tokyo date ideas? Selecting the perfect spot for a rendezvous in Tokyo is key. Whether it’s your first outing or a night with your long-term squeeze, you want to leave a lasting impression and add a dash of excitement to your time together.

In this list are some places we think are good for dates. From romantic and upscale joints to laid-back and entertaining venues, there’s a little something for every duo.

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Tokyo Date Ideas: Sipping, Savoring, and Exploring the City’s Romance

808 Lounge (Shimokitazawa)

Tokyo date ideas: 808 Lounge

This eclectic bar in Shimokitazawa boasts beautiful and colourful fairy lights, wild decorations, and creative, original alcoholic concoctions. The bartender crafts coffee whiskey high balls, Earl Grey gin tonics, chili pepper vodka ginger ales, and other exciting cocktails. However, his pièce de résistance is his fruit mojitos served in mason jars—a must-try!

The bartender might engage you in conversation now and then, but he’s tactful. He knows when to give you privacy with your date and when to jump in to enhance your experience at his bar.

The bar is often not too busy, giving you and your date plenty of space to breathe and enough quiet to talk.

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Takkyu Sakaba Ponzo (Shibuya)

Takkyu Sakaba Ponzo (卓球酒場 ぽん蔵 渋谷店) (Shibuya)
Credit: Hotpepper

A date doesn’t just have to be dinner and drinks! If you want something more fun as opposed to relaxing, Ponzo in Shibuya has a range of activities for you and your date.

From a darts machine to table tennis, classic 90s video games, and board games, there’s something for everyone. Best of all, it’s all free of charge, though you might have to wait in line for some activities. Table tennis tends to be particularly popular.

They also offer all-you-can-drink deals starting at 3,000 yen for 2 and a half hours. The menu includes beer and other typical cocktails, but you can pay a little extra for something different. Booze, games, and competition—Ponzo’s a great Tokyo date spot for a different and fun night out!

Park Hyatt’s New York Bar (Shinjuku)

Park Hyatt's New York Bar (Shinjuku)
A Life Worth Eating

Famous for its appearance in the iconic film “Lost in Translation” (2001), this bar sits on the 52nd floor of the extravagant Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel. With floor-to-ceiling windows offering a stunning view of Tokyo, it’s open to the public, though non-hotel guests need to pay a 2,000 yen entry charge.

If you’re in the mood for a special and classy date night, this is the place to be. In addition to the entry charge, the sophisticated cocktails here are pricier than those on lower floors, ranging between 1,500 yen and 3,000 yen. With uniformed servers, top-class customer service, and opulent interior design, this place screams luxury and provides you and your date with a chance to dress up.

For an extra touch of class, visit between 8pm and 11:45pm to enjoy live jazz music. If you fancy a meal with your drinks, make sure to arrive before the last food order at 7pm.

Good Vibes Bar (Shimokitazawa)

Good Vibes Bar (Shimokitazawa)

Comic book nerds, rejoice! This entire bar in Shimokitazawa is adorned with comic book and Western pop culture merchandise, featuring fan favourites from Marvel and DC. There’s even a raised platform for you to take photos with the decorations and props.

The comic book theme extends to the menu, with Marvel cocktails such as The Iron Man, The Hulk, and The Loki, each following the same colour scheme as its superhero counterpart! With all the merchandise, posters, props, and colourful cocktails, this bar is perfect for photography and fun debates on who’s the most powerful Avenger (it’s Thor).

Champion (Shinjuku)

Champion (Shinjuku)

This karaoke bar is ideal for a fun, casual date in Tokyo. It’s the perfect place to experience the joy of hearing Japanese people wholeheartedly sing English songs, putting admirable passion and soul into their performances!

Every drink here costs only 500 yen, which drops to 400 yen with the 5-drink ticket for 2,000 yen. It tends to get very crowded after 9-10pm, even on weekdays, so be prepared to share space if you’re arriving late.

To sing a song, it only costs 100 yen. They have a wide range of songs available in various languages, and everyone in the bar gets in on the singing. It’s a standing bar, so wear comfortable shoes!

Sound Bar Lip (Shibuya)

Sound Bar Lip (Shibuya)

They say three’s a crowd, but you probably won’t mind the third wheel here: an adorable, fun-loving French bulldog terrier named Goten. He’ll lie on the couch with you, toss his toys at you, and possibly attack the cushions next to you.

If you and your date are dog-lovers, then Sound Bar Lip in Shibuya is the place for a memorable date. Drinks are a bit pricier than elsewhere, ranging between 8-900 yen, but the company of a dog is priceless (though he may wander off occasionally to entertain other guests). There’s also an entry charge, but it’s waived with the coupon on our free FLIP Guide app, which also gets you a free shot.

Sheyda (Roppongi)

Sheyda (Roppongi)

Dimly-lit and adorned with chandeliers and humungous art pieces, Sheyda provides a stylish and exotic atmosphere for enjoying conversations over shisha. Their shishas are top-quality, smooth, and experimental with flavours.

Their DJ offers a break from the heavy bass and EDM typically found in Roppongi clubs, instead playing hip hop or Top 40s music, which some dancers will perform to.

Be mindful of the time! This beautiful lounge in Roppongi transforms into a club after hours, so if you’re seeking some private time with your boo, it’s better to visit in the earlier hours of the night.

Rize Mize (Shinjuku)

Rize Mize (Shinjuku)

This restaurant-bar boasts an unconventional design that blends various styles and materials, creating an intimate and homely ambiance perfect for a quiet dinner and a drink or two. Just be aware that it can get crowded and rowdy on weekends, but outdoor seating is also available if you prefer more space and quiet.

With a stone-fired oven, they serve up some of the best, smoky pizzas in town. If pizza isn’t your thing, they also offer great pasta dishes and an array of tapas for a lighter option.

What’s fantastic about Rize Mize in Shinjuku is how affordable their menu is, without compromising on the quality of the food or drinks. If you’re after a classy date night without breaking the bank, Rize Mize could be your go-to spot for the night.

Making Memories with These Awesome Tokyo Date Ideas

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife with these eclectic date ideas. From quirky bars adorned with comic book memorabilia to sophisticated lounges offering panoramic city views, there’s something to suit every couple’s taste. Whether you’re sipping fruity mojitos in a Shimokitazawa hideaway or belting out karaoke classics in Shinjuku, each experience promises moments of laughter, connection, and romance. So, grab your partner’s hand and dive into the magic of Tokyo’s dating scene—you never know what adventures await!

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