Have you ever heard of the Tokyo neighbourhood, Odaiba? Are you thinking about visiting this unique area of Tokyo or even staying in Odaiba, and wondering what are some things to do, places to visit and restaurants to check out?

There are so many neighbourhoods and areas in Tokyo. Besides the famous towns like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku, there are many incredible places and spots in Tokyo that are worth a visit. If you’re looking to visit a local neighbourhood and check out some hidden gems, Odaiba might be a great place to check out. In this Odaiba area guide, let’s have a look at what to do in Odaiba, where to eat and drink in Odaiba, where to stay in Odaiba and some hidden gems in the area.

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There are so many neighbourhoods and areas in Tokyo. Besides the famous towns like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku, there are many incredible places and spots in Tokyo that are worth a visit. If you’re looking to visit a local neighbourhood and check out some hidden gems, Odaiba might be a great place to check out. In this Odaiba area guide, let’s have a look at what to do in Odaiba, where to eat and drink in Odaiba, where to stay in Odaiba and some hidden gems in the area.

What is Odaiba?

Odaiba area guide What is Odaiba

The Odaiba area is a modern area in Tokyo bay, it’s the perfect and the greatest area for entertainment in Tokyo with many malls, restaurants and museums and further the amazing seaside and all the attractions, you can have the best holiday vibe.

Things to do in Odaiba

TeamLAB Borderless

Odaiba area guide TeamLAB Borderless
Credit: teamLab

TeamLAB Borderless is one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions and the world’s first digital art museum. It’s an incredible world of artworks that, as the name implies, seem to have no boundaries; it’s a museum without a map! The museum incorporates the arts as well as a large number of projectors! TeamLAB Borderless promises to be a fantastic experience for both adults and children. Along with the primary attraction, TeamLAB borderless also has a tea room with artwork similar to that found in the museum itself. The digital artwork in the tearoom will interact with your team and project images in your tea. You can also buy gifts with your points at TeamLAB’s gift shop.

Find out more about TeamLAB Borderless here on Google maps.


Odaiba area guide TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM
Credit: Goodluck Trip

Tokyo Trick Art Labyrinth Hall, located in Odaiba / Decks Tokyo Beach, is a venue where intriguing paintings that appear three-dimensional are displayed. What makes this exhibition unique is that it features the world’s first “Japanese-style trick art,” not just trick art. Using the optical illusion inside the museum, you can shoot a variety of unique photos. The hall is separated into various floors, each of which features unique trick art, such as a not-so-scary haunted home, an Edo area, and a trick art masterpiece area. 

Find out more about TOKYO TRICK ART MUSEUM here on Google maps.

Tokyo Joypolis

Odaiba area guide Tokyo Joypolis
Credit: ALBERT LAM from Westcoaster

Tokyo Joypolis is a one-of-a-kind indoor entertainment park. From indoor roller coasters to virtual reality zombie survival experiences, Tokyo Joypolis has everything to keep your inner child entertained for hours. You’ll want to come back to this attraction because they host a variety of events, most of which are themed on popular Japanese anime like Attack on Titan and Tokyo Revengers. Whether you’re searching for a thrill or simply want to immerse yourself in the world of one of your favourite video games, there’s something for everyone. Tokyo Joypolis guarantees that you will leave smiling.

Despite being an indoor amusement park, there are more than 20 attractions to choose from, including roller coasters, interactive attractions, and haunted houses. Each attraction is of great quality, and we suggest you go here for dates and fun with friends. Even in bad weather, you can play without concern. The staff wear masks and disinfect their hands and fingers as a precaution against the new coronavirus.

Find out more about Tokyo Joypolis here on Google maps.

Rainbow Bridge 

Odaiba area guide Rainbow Bridge
Credit: Inbound Platform Corp.

You may be forgiven if you don’t notice the Rainbow Bridge’s hype during the day, but at night, the bridge, as its name says, lights up in all rainbow colours. This isn’t to say that the bridge is only worth seeing at night; it also provides some of the most unobstructed views of Tokyo Bay and the surrounding metropolis during the day. Rainbow Bridge has been a feature in Tokyo Bay for 29 years since construction on the bridge was completed in 1993.

Find out more about Rainbow Bridge here on Google maps.

Legoland Discovery Centre 

Odaiba area guide Legoland Discovery Centre
Credit: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo

Even the most outgoing adult will be transported back to their youth when visiting Tokyo’s Legoland Discovery Centre. Over 1.5 million Lego bricks were used to create a tiny replica of Tokyo. In the 4D cinema, immerse yourself in the Lego world; just make sure to bring an umbrella in case of any rain and snow. There’s also the LEGO Factory, where you can observe and participate in the creation of a LEGO brick.

Find out more about Legoland Discovery Centre here on Google maps.

Madame Tussauds 

Odaiba area guide Madame Tussauds
Credit: Merlin Entertainments Group

Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London. Luckily for Japan, the world-famous Madame Tussauds waxwork museums have a branch in Tokyo. From renowned Japanese characters to world-famous celebrities, see lifelike figures. Madame Tussauds Tokyo boasts all the life-like waxworks you can handle, from Ryoma Sakamoto to Albert Einstein. Apart from the waxworks, the museum has a lot more to offer, with some celebrities having their own interactive games you can play, and areas of the museum where you can manufacture and sculpt your own wax hand whilst learning more about the lady who started it all.

Find out more about Madame Tussauds here on Google maps.

Odaiba Seaside Park 

Odaiba area guide Odaiba Seaside Park
Credit: Justgola

In Tokyo Bay, there is a park called Odaiba seashore park. The park includes everything from grassy areas surrounded by beautiful trees to a man-made beach where you can soak up the sun and paddle in the waves of Tokyo Bay as if you were on a real beach. When it comes to Tokyo Bay, the Odaiba beachside park provides unrivalled views of the bay, as well as the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. A quick fact about Odiaba: Daiba 3 and Daiba 6 were once forts that guarded Tokyo; Daiba 3 is now a park. The Odaiba marathon and the lantern festival, both celebrated in July, are two of the many events conducted here.

Find out more about Odaiba Seaside Park here on Google maps.

Miraikan – the national museum of emerging science and innovation 

Odaiba area guide Miraikan

The scientific museum Miraikan was founded by Japan’s science and technology agency.

With a variety of exciting and interactive exhibits, this museum depicts the future of technology. The museum uses a range of instructive and entertaining activities for visitors of all ages; don’t miss it. It’s a fantastic option for families with children. There are exhibitions on the three frontiers, which hopefully inspire you to create your future, and discover the earth in more depth. These exhibitions all use cutting-edge technology to deliver their themes; for example, the Explore Your Future exhibition features a real-life working robot with whom you can converse and interact.

Find out more about Miraikan here on Google maps.

The Statue of Liberty 

Odaiba area guide The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a miniature version of the Statue of Liberty in the US, located in Odaiba and one of the most attractions in Tokyo. The statue was erected in 1998 on a temporary basis as a celebration of Japan and France’s friendship, but later, in 2000, would become a permanent attraction due to its popularity. You can take a walk to relax and enjoy watching the bay, and the rainbow bridge! The positioning of the statue also makes it perfect for photos with the rainbow bridge as a backdrop. But don’t worry if you thought the statue was just as tall as the real statue, this again is due to its placement creating a forced perspective illusion making most pictures of the statue seem taller than it actually is. This attraction is also ⅓ of a triplet as the statue has twin sisters in Shimoda and Osaka.

Find out more about The Statue of Liberty here on Google maps.

Odaiba Horror School

Odaiba area guide Odaiba Horror School
Credit: Time Out

Odaiba Horror School is designed to look like a run-down school, yet it also includes a story to immerse you in. The attraction also has a spooky soundtrack featuring creepy sounds and music designed to provoke the sense of paranoia that comes with a scary experience. You are handed a candle and given the responsibility of gathering the souls of the deceased students and staff at the school. The entire experience lasts only 15 minutes, but Odaiba Horror School ensures that each minute is scarier and more suspenseful than the last.

Find out more about Odaiba Horror School here on Google maps.

Fuji TV 

Odaiba area guide Fuji TV
Credit: Photo by Kakidai

The headquarters of a Japanese television network, Fuji TV, is a one-of-a-kind structure that can’t be missed, with its fragmented passageways connecting two main buildings and a massive sphere in the centre. The sphere (hachitama) is a 360-degree observation deck that offers panoramic views of Tokyo. Also, take a look at the clothing, panels, and other props used in TV shows. Fuji TV is a must-see for any Japanese television enthusiast! Maybe you’ll get a chance to see a movie being made or meet a TV celebrity.

Find out more about Fuji TV here on Google maps.

Small Worlds Tokyo

Odaiba area guide Small Worlds Tokyo

Small Worlds Tokyo is the largest indoor miniature theme park in the whole world. The theme park recreates and reimagines worlds with an exhibition that consists of six different areas. It’s an incredible experience to witness these small worlds and be a part of them by placing a miniature of yourself in the area you wish to be a part of.

Find out more about Small Worlds Tokyo here on Google maps.


Odaiba area guide AQUA CITY ODAIBA
Credit: Good Luck Trip

In Odaiba, there is a commercial complex near Odaiba Marine Park. The complex includes a shopping mall with casual fashion and miscellaneous goods stores, the area’s largest gourmet zone, a movie theatre, and a ramen-themed food park! The shrine “Aqua City Odaiba Shrine,” which is located on the 7th floor, is known as a calming area where it is said that your seven wishes will be granted and come true.

Find out more about AQUA CITY ODAIBA here on Google maps.

Odaiba Marine Park お台場海浜公園

Odaiba area guide Odaiba Marine Park

In Odaiba, there is a beach park with a cove. It’s popular for sightseeing, dating, and family outings. Swimming and fishing are restricted on the 800-metre-long artificial sandy beach “Odaiba Beach,” although clamming and beach play are available for free. The rainbow bridge (which is illuminated in two different ways from April to October / November to March) and the promenade facing Tokyo Tower are famous photo shooting locations both day and night.

Find out more about Odaiba Marine Park here on Google maps.

National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation 日本科学未来館

Odaiba area guide National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Credit: KKday

Odaiba is home to a national science museum. The permanent display includes a wide range of themes, from everyday concerns to cutting-edge technology, the global environment, space exploration, and life’s miracles. The dome-shaped theatre, which features scientific video works with 3D pictures and stereoscopic planetarium works, is extremely popular with tourists. Mamoru Mohri, a well-known astronaut, is the director.

Find out more about the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation here on Google maps.

Museum of Maritime Science 船の科学館

Odaiba area guide Museum of Maritime Science
Credit: Odaiba Diary

A maritime museum in Higashi Yashio, Shinagawa-ku focuses on showcasing objects relating to the Japanese marine industry and using the outdoor pool to experience canoeing and sailing under the theme of sea and ship culture. An outdoor exhibition of the actual ship and a model of a submersible, featuring the first Antarctic observation ship “Soya,” will also be held.

Find out more about the Museum of Maritime Science here on Google maps.

DECKS Tokyo Beach デックス東京ビーチ

Odaiba area guide DECKS Tokyo Beach
Credit: Tokyo Minato City Travel & Tourism Association

DECKS Tokyo Beach is Odaiba’s urban shopping centre. The entire facility, including the open terrace with a wooden deck, is distinguished by a ship motif, which is also the source of the name. With Tokyo Bay stretching out in front of you, you may shop as if you were on a luxurious cruise ship. Indoor amusement parks such as Tokyo Joypolis and Legoland are also popular.

Find out more about DECKS Tokyo Beach here on Google maps.

Odaiba 1-Chome Outside The Bookstore 台場一丁目商店街

Odaiba area guide Odaiba 1-Chome Outside The Bookstore
Credit: Mitzie Mee

Decks Tokyo Beach is home to Odaiba 1-chome shopping street, a retro location. Some nostalgic things, such as sweets and retro goods, are lined up in the hall where the Showa vintage ambience is perfectly extruded. The haunted house “Odaiba Mysterious School” in the Odaiba 1-chome shopping district, for example, has been highlighted in a variety of media because of its distinctive terror. It is a popular hangout for individuals of all ages, from toddlers to elderly people.

Find out more about Odaiba 1-Chome Outside The Bookstore here on Google maps.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum お台場たこ焼きミュージアム

Odaiba area guide Odaiba Takoyaki Museum
Credit: Tokyo Trip Guide

DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba is home to a cuisine theme park that first opened in 2010. The theme is takoyaki, which is Osaka’s soul cuisine, and there are five shops, including one that is considered to be the creator of takoyaki and another in Dotonbori. Authentic tastes range from traditional to new-style takoyaki that integrates Japanese flavours in the park. There is also a shop that sells takoyaki-related souvenirs.

Find out more about Odaiba Takoyaki Museum here on Google maps.

Restaurants in Odaiba

Kua’ Aina

Odaiba area guide Kua’ Aina
Credit: タケマシュラン

Kua’ Aina is known to be one of the best Hawaiian burger and sandwich branches across the world! With chains across Japan, London and Taipei, this restaurant has become a favourite among those who have visited. Their famous burgers are flame-grilled over a lava rock which gives them a really smokey and authentic taste. You are able to customise your burger with lots of different yummy toppings!

Find out more about Kua’ Aina here on Google maps.


Odaiba area guide Gonpachi
Credit: Hedonist HK

Gonpachi is said to be the inspiration for the restaurant in Quentin Tarantino’s hit movie ‘Kill Bill.’ Most dishes cost between 750 and 1,500 yen, and some, like the excellent Oyako Donburi (rice topped with egg and chicken), may be upgraded to an ‘Extra Large Portion’ for only 100 yen. Dark wood and oriental music create a relaxing atmosphere at this old-style Japanese restaurant, which also serves delicious meals. The restaurant’s English-speaking staff and menus make it suitable for anyone looking for a cultural Japanese lunch.

Find out more about Gonpachi here on Google maps.

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

Odaiba area guide Tsuruhashi Fugetsu
Credit: Trip.com

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is an Okonomiyaki restaurant, which is a Japanese delicacy. Additionally, at this restaurant all the cooking is performed right in front of the customer, so you can see your dish be made right in front of your eyes! It is a very authentic restaurant which uses high-quality ingredients.

Find out more about Tsuruhashi Fugetsu here on Google maps.

Eggs ‘n Things

Odaiba area guide Eggs ‘n Things
Credit: Japan Wireless

Eggs ‘n Things was established in 1974 in Hawaii. The concept of this restaurant is that it serves all-day breakfasts.  More than 50 years later, the tradition continues of breakfast at any time!. Serving quality food and the spirit of Aloha is what they do best. Their pancakes are not to be missed. They are topped with more than a generous amount of fruit and whipped cream and are superb!

Find out more about Eggs ‘n Things here on Google maps.

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan

Odaiba area guide Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan
Credit: City-Cost

Located on the 5th floor of AQUA CiTY ODAIBA in Tokyo’s popular Odaiba, the Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai is an establishment dedicated to promoting the various styles of Japanese ramen noodles. There are six restaurants, each representing a different region of Japan. The list includes Sapporo, Saitama, Nagoya, Nagano, and Tokyo. Each restaurant includes a regional speciality dish unavailable at other branches to set them apart. Depending on the type of ramen you prefer, you can go to the restaurant of the region, or try something new with each visit to become more of a ramen connoisseur!

Find out more about Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan here on Google maps.


Odaiba area guide Khazana
Credit: Maharaja Group

You can eat authentic Indian food with a beautiful view of the Rainbow Bridge. Infused with herbs and spices, the curries and tandoori dishes taste delicious with a side of Indian wine directly imported from India! There are many mild curries too for children to eat and anyone else who is not good with spicy food.

Find out more about Khazana here on Google maps.


Odaiba area guide Sojibo
Credit: Junee

Sojibo is a Halal-certified restaurant that specialises in Soba dishes. Sojibo claims that they want to increase HALAL-certified stores in the future with the mission of “making everyone from around the world happy with Japanese soul food.” This beautiful motto can be tasted in their fresh food which they want everyone to enjoy and love. The soba noodles are made fresh and are really refreshing on a hot day.

Find out more about Sojibo here on Google maps.

Kaneko Hannosuke

Odaiba area guide Kaneko Hannosuke
Credit: Time Out

Kaneko Hannosuke is a very popular tempura restaurant with queues for over an hour! There are 6 counter-facing seats where you can watch the chefs at work and you can see the authenticity right in front of your eyes. The tempura is literal perfection, with its light and crisp batter, it goes extremely well with freshly cooked rice. 

Find out more about Kaneko Hannosuke here on Google maps.

Hotels in Odaiba

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba 

This property is 6 minute’s walk from the beach. Located on the waterfront area of Tokyo Bay, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba boasts stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. All guestrooms feature a balcony, and guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Private parking is available on site.

The hotel is also strategically situated only minutes away from a popular entertainment and shopping area as well as a key business and commercial district. Haneda International Airport is 20-minutes away by bus. Free shuttle service to Tokyo Disney Resort is provided every day.
There is a hairdresser at the property, as well as two levels of flexible meeting facilities.

Guests can enjoy pool facilities at a fee. You will also find a spa, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, an outdoor jet bath and a fitness centre on-site.

Every room at this hotel is air-conditioned and has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Certain rooms feature a seating area for your convenience. You will find a kettle in the room. All rooms include a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find bath robes and slippers.

A wide selection of dining options is available at the property restaurants.

Address: 135-8625 Tokyo-to, Minato-ku Daiba 1-9-1 , Japan 

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

This property is 7 minute’s walk from the beach. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba is the first Grand Nikko hotel in Japan, opened on 1 July 2016. Situated in the Tokyo Bay area in Odaiba, this property is the closest city resort hotel to central Tokyo, a 20-minute monorail and train ride away from JR Tokyo Station. Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

The spacious guestrooms of this hotel feature elegant European-style decor and come with free wired internet access throughout. All rooms include a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a feather pillow and a seating area. The upper floors boast panoramic views of Tokyo Bay, as well as views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.

Teppanyaki Icho and the grill restaurant, The Grill on 30th offer spectacular skyline views from the 30th floor. There is also a sushi restaurant, a Japanese and Chinese restaurant in addition to several other cafes and bars on site.

Address: 135-8701 Tokyo-to, Minato-ku Daiba 2-6-1 , Japan

Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside 

A full-service spa, a restaurant, and a bar/lounge are available at this hotel. WiFi in public areas is free. Other amenities include a snack bar/deli, self-parking, and concierge services. All 200 soundproofed rooms provide free WiFi, free wired Internet, and room service. For a bit of entertainment, LCD TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can also appreciate conveniences like refrigerators and electric kettles.

Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bayside is located in Koto, a neighbourhood in Tokyo, and is near a train station and the beach. Tokyo Imperial Palace and Sensō-ji Temple are notable landmarks, and travellers looking to shop may want to visit Odaiba Venus Fort and Toyosu Market. Don’t miss out on a visit to Tokyo Disneyland®. Guests appreciate the hotel’s convenience with public transportation: Tokyo Big Sight Station is 6 minutes by foot and Aomi Station is 9 minutes. 

Address: 135-0063, Tokyo-to, Tokyo, 3-1-15 Ariake, Koutou-ku

Odaiba has so much to offer that it would be impossible to visit everywhere in a few days. Hope you get to check out the museums and restaurants for yourself and like them as much as we do. Refer to this blog anytime for more ideas and activities to do in the Meguro ward. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.