Have you been bingeing Single’s Inferno? Has Single’s Inferno left you all lovey-dovey and excited for the next reality dating TV show? Here are eight Japanese reality dating shows that are similar to Single’s Inferno. Get ready for heart-pounding encounters, farewells, confessions, and broken hearts.

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Japanese reality dating shows

1. REA(L)OVE – Netflix

Japanese Reality Dating Shows: What to watch after Single’s Inferno REA(L)OVE- Netflix

In the realm of Japanese reality dating shows, Netflix’s REA(L)OVE stands out as 18 men and women journey to Okinawa for a three-day adventure, seeking deeper connections and potential love. With a unique cast sharing troubled pasts, from former criminals to those mired in debt, the show explores how these experiences shape interactions and romantic pursuits. As participants confront their demons, REA(L)OVE provides a poignant exploration of love, acceptance, and the human experience.

2. Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey

What to watch after Single’s Inferno Ainori Love Wagon_ Asian Journey

“Ainori Love Wagon” is a captivating Japanese reality dating show available on Netflix that follows seven individuals—four men and three women—as they embark on a global journey of love aboard a whimsically named vehicle. Throughout the show, participants express their affection by offering a flight ticket back to Japan, marking the conclusion of their adventure.

This unique concept allows viewers to witness the blossoming romance amidst different cultures and landscapes, offering a blend of adventure, romance, and cultural immersion. With its heartfelt moments and unexpected twists, “Ainori Love Wagon” provides an entertaining and engaging viewing experience for audiences seeking both excitement and heartfelt connections.

3. Suddenly foreign love- いきなりフォーリンラブ

What to watch after Single’s Inferno Suddenly foreign love- いきなりフォーリンラブ

Drawing on the premise that “falling in love with a foreigner can enhance English skills,” a captivating “global” love reality show emerges. This unique series showcases the journey of Japanese girls, non-English speakers, as they navigate romance with foreign boys.

Once a couple forms, they become a trial pair committed to a three-month relationship on the show. A distinctive rule prohibits foreign boys from speaking Japanese during dates, fostering communication through diverse languages and cultures. This innovative concept sets the show apart from other Japanese reality dating shows, offering viewers a fresh and engaging viewing experience.

4. The Future Diary 未来日記

What to watch after Single’s Inferno

In this intriguing Netflix series, participants are paired as strangers and guided through a scripted journey of love via a “diary.” This diary outlines the steps for the man and woman to follow as they navigate the path to falling in love. Throughout the show, the pair must adhere strictly to the diary’s instructions, meeting only during designated recording sessions and following the prescribed narrative, even if it conflicts with their personal desires.

Japanese reality dating shows like this one offer a unique twist on traditional matchmaking, blending elements of scripted storytelling with the unpredictability of genuine human emotions. As participants embark on their journey, viewers are treated to a fascinating exploration of love, relationships, and the complexities of human connection in a highly controlled environment.

5. The Bachelor Japan- Amazon

What to watch after Single’s Inferno The Bachelor Japan

“The Bachelor” has made its debut in Japan with a unique twist on the traditional dating show format. In this series, a single bachelor has the chance to find love among 25 eligible women. Throughout the show, romantic connections are formed through various dates, leading to the bachelor’s challenging decision of choosing one woman for a deeper relationship. While drama is a staple, “The Bachelor Japan” offers a cultural perspective that sets it apart, promising viewers a captivating blend of romance and intrigue in the realm of Japanese reality dating shows. Join the journey as love takes center stage in this captivating series.

6. Terrace House- Netflix

What to watch after Single’s Inferno Terrace House

Terrace House is a Japanese reality program series. It is also known as “Terraha”. It follows six strangers, three men and three women, who live under one roof. There are no particular rules for communal living, and people can move out as they wish. 

The participants all have different lives. They keep their jobs and go about their daily lives as they please. The cameras heavily focus on capturing dates between housemates and group activities. It is an interesting reality TV show that looks into how people interact with one another in a somewhat ‘everyday’ environment. 

7. Love or Money?- YouTube

What to watch after Single’s Inferno Love or Money

In this Japanese reality dating show, three girls and one boy share a living space, leading to intriguing dynamics and romantic tension. On the final day, the boy must confess his feelings to one of the girls. If she accepts, they become a couple, but if she declines, she wins a prize instead. This unique format raises intriguing questions about the intersection of money and love. Will the girls prioritize financial gain or genuine affection? Can the boy discern true feelings and select the right partner?

Japanese reality dating shows like this offer a fascinating exploration of human emotions and desires, making them a popular choice for audiences seeking both entertainment and insight into the complexities of love and relationships.

8. Dancing Couples ダンスして恋

What to watch after Single’s Inferno Dancing Couples

“Dancing Couples” features eight male and female dancers who participate in a three-day dance camp, followed by a dance challenge where pairs are scored on their performances. Alongside the dance routines, the show captures group dates to deepen the participants’ connections. Experience both romantic drama and impressive talent unfold in this captivating Japanese reality dating show centered around dance.

What do you think about these Japanese dating reality shows? Have you seen any of them before? If you liked the Korean reality TV show Single’s Inferno, you will surely be able to find one or more of these Japanese TV shows worth adding onto your to-watch list. 

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