If you want to discover more about the history of Japan, Japanese culture, Japan travel, living in Japan, or just discovering more about Japan in general, listening to podcasts is a great way to go. 

There are many different podcasts about Japan that you can listen to. You can choose by looking at the specific niche/topic you are interested in, or by looking at the popularity of the podcast. Here are the top 10 podcasts about Japan that we love and we recommend you check them out. 

Top Podcasts About Japanese Culture and Travel

Top 11 Entertaining Podcasts About Japan You Need To Listen To!

Japan Station

Every episode, the host joins a guest to talk about all aspects of Japan, such as the language, history, food, movies, anime, the impact of Japanese culture around the world, and much more.

You can learn more about the podcast content and listen to it by this link : 


Let’s Talk Japan Podcast

The podcast host interviews guests to talk about different topics about Japan, such as traditional Japanese art, culture, language, and more. They have many interesting topics and people, going into the stories and unique perspectives of Japan. The host is not only knowledgeable about the diverse aspects of Japanese culture but also has amazing guests and is always conducting entertaining interviews.

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Tokyo Lens

Tokyo Lens showcases adventures, cultural discoveries, and ways to enjoy Japan. This weekly podcast covers a lot of topics such as adventure, hidden secrets, culture discovery, and much more. Tokyo Lens gives a transparent look into Tokyo and Japan, giving you complete insight into life in Japan.

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Uncanny Japan

Author and American expat Thersa Matsuura uses her fluency in Japanese to research unique parts of the culture that are little known to Western audiences, such as legends, folktales, and superstitions. Uncanny Japan is a podcast that explores a part of Japanese culture that is not as well-known. Thersa also uses binaural mics to record soundscapes from Japan and use these Japanese sounds as the background of the episodes.

Deep Dive from The Japan Times

Deep Dive from the Japan Times is hosted by editor Oscar Boyd. This podcast dives deep into the stories behind the recent news headlines and Japan’s cultural trends. Boyd invites interviewees, including the paper’s reporters, editors, and other industry experts. This podcast is great to help you look beneath the surface of Japan and find out more about all the latest events that are happening in this country.

Disrupting Japan

The startup culture is getting bigger and bigger in recent years. Disrupting Japan is a podcast that looks into what it is like to create a startup and start a business in Japan. This podcast gives a lot of insights and information on startups, venture capital, and innovation in Japan. The host, Tim Romero, sits down over beers with founders and CEOs and looks into exactly how to fundraise in Japan, how to start a company in Japan, as well as all the difficulties and challenges in running a business in Japan. It is a great podcast for people that are looking for investors and people interested in starting and growing a business in Japan.

Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan is hosted by Chris Broad, with his award-winning YouTube channel of the same name, and Pete Donaldson, a broadcaster. This podcast covers everything from Japan travel to life as a foreigner in Japan. The episodes usually focus on a particular topic about Japan or a current news piece. There is a lot of hilarious and entertaining banter between Chris and Pete, while giving you nuggets and tips for your time in Japan. It is a great podcast that combines entertainment and education all about Japan.

Top Podcasts About Japanese Food

Top 11 Entertaining Podcasts About Japan You Need To Listen To!

Japan Eats!

Japan Eats! is a podcast hosted by Akiko Katayama, a food writer and the director of the New York Japanese Culinary Academy. The podcast covers everything about real Japanese food and drinks. With guests ranging from sake producers with generations of experience to American chefs pushing the envelope of Japanese gastronomy, you can discover all about Japanese cuisine through this podcast.

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Sake on Air

Sake On Air started in 2018 by a group of sake and shochu industry professionals in Japan. They realised that sake and shochu don’t get much representation, so they decided to give these amazing beverages a new kind of informative space along with open dialogues. Their mission is to empower the international community of sake and shochu-curious and give a voice to the people and families of the sake world. Through the episodes of this podcast, you will find the integration of the voices of the global sake community through stories, discussions, expertise, and experiences.

Top Podcasts About Japanese Language

Top 11 Entertaining Podcasts About Japan You Need To Listen To!

The Tofugu Podcast

The podcast is designed for people who want to visit Japan, live in Japan, and learn Japanese. It is an entertaining way to learn Japanese and discover more about the different aspects of Japanese culture. The hosts go into fun tangents that are equally entertaining and educational.

To listen to the tofugu podcast click on the link : https://podcasts.apple.com/sa/podcast/the-tofugu-podcast-japan-and-japanese-language/id1188142876

The Tofugu Podcast is a great way to learn the confusing nitty-gritty grammar within the Japanese language. The vibe of each episode is of both native speakers and language-learning friends obsessing over language, rather than a dry lecture.

Learn Japanese Pod

Learn Japanese Pod is a podcast with hosts Ami, Alex, and Asuka. This podcast helps you learn and speak Japanese while giving you some useful phrases that can help you navigate your way through Japan. Learn Japanese Pod is especially fantastic because the hosts show you real-life scenarios and help you discover ways to handle everyday situations. This is a great podcast to help you master Japanese.

You can learn more about the podcast and listen to it by this link :


Finding Your Next Favourite Podcast

Top 11 Entertaining Podcasts About Japan You Need To Listen To!

Listening to podcasts is a fantastic way to be entertained and to learn on the go. Whether you are interested in Japanese culture, travel, food, language, or the unique startup scene, there’s a podcast about Japan for everyone. These podcasts not only provide valuable insights and knowledge but also keep you engaged with entertaining content and fascinating interviews. We hope at least one of these podcasts about Japan will give you the entertainment and education you are looking for.

If you have a podcast recommendation or discover a new favourite, definitely let us know! Sharing your favourites helps build a community of Japan enthusiasts who can learn and explore together. Happy listening and enjoy your journey through the rich and diverse world of podcasts about Japan!