The “ANA Intercontinental Beppu Resort & Spa” is set in a hillside overlooking Beppu Bay, beyond the trees in rich nature. The fusion of traditional Beppu hot spring culture and international resort hotels welcomes customers to its completely new, one-of-a-kind space.

Designed by Yuuki Hashimoto Design Studio, in the world-class modern design, the facilities and space incorporate traditional crafts of Oita prefecture, craftsmanship and materials of Japan. The keywords “Beyond the Forest” express Beppu’s sense of unity with nature, which can be felt everywhere in the facility. In the lobby, where customers are first welcomed, a basin made of black granite is set in the center of the lobby, with the flowing sound of water bringing fluctuations to the space, leading the customer away from daily hassles and into the unique space of the resort.

Various arts and crafts featuring local artists

The hotel incorporates a large number of works and furniture by Oita’s young artists, skilled craftsmen and artisans into the interior, making the building an art gallery space. On the path up to the hotel, there are various spaces among the trees in the public space of the facility, in which artworks have been laid out as the landscape changes. The traditional craft techniques of Beppu’s unique superior bamboo artworks and works, ceramics, and wooden furniture, such as the well-known local and historic technique, Onta-yaki (小鹿田焼き), create conscious harmony with the modern hotel.

Above all, one of the most striking artworks in the main lobby is the bamboo art piece “Prism Ellipse, Kumogami” by Mr. Nakatomino Kazuuji, who is based in Oita Prefecture. “The image is a cloud. I imagine this hotel is located at a high altitude where it is covered by a weir,” Mr. Nakatomino explains. This expression of space is shown as a soft curve created by bamboo extending out of the forest. In addition, the walls of the lobby bar counters are very delicately crafted with bamboo by skilled local craftsmen, and the warm lighting creates a beautiful shade. In the suites and spa facilities, Mr. Soka Sakamoto, a young ceramic artist, has produced a washbasin using the Onta-yaki (小鹿田焼き) technique and expresses meticulous attention throughout. Additionally, works by prominent artists such as Mr. Unten Tatsuyashi, who is active in Oita prefecture with his wooden reliefs; Mr. Nobuhiro Yamaguchi, Mr. Choi Hokso and Mr. Joji Nakabayashi, are arranged and showcased in various places throughout the resort.

Open-air bath featuring Beppu stone

Globally renowned for the power of Beppu’s hot springs to completely relax the mind and soul, the open-air bath has been carefully created and designed, offering an experience that celebrates the skill of veteran masonry. Each Beppu stone has been carefully selected and arranged in a way that takes you back to the old days, submerging you into nature; one might think the steam from the bath arises from the mountains when seen from afar. Of the two indoor baths, one is of rustic beauty while the other is of tranquility utilizing Japanese cypress. The depth of natural beauty can also be enjoyed from inside through the folding screen, designed like a picture window.

Superior service by the top spa brand “HARNN”

The spa facility that can be accessed from the 5 private rooms and the relaxation area is provided by the luxury Thai spa brand ‘HARNN’, providing top-of-the-class spa experiences. The spa menu centered around natural ingredients is the only one of its kind in Japan.

The infinity pool and poolside bar “Aqua”

The refined infinity pool is designed to combine the scenery and sky that overlooks Beppu Bay. The concept of the “Aqua” lounge located next to the pool is that of a friend’s living room, featuring BAGH select books to provide a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The glass door which leads you to the pool bar provides a place to nourish yourself while enjoying the resort atmosphere.

A menu incorporating Kyushu ingredients and the four seasons

To relax guests at the start of their holiday, customers are offered Beppu mixed citrus juice to enjoy while checking in. In order to provide a diverse dining experience elevating your relaxing time on holiday, the restaurant floor is designed with multiple concepts, menus incorporate Kyushu’s freshest seasonal fish, meat and vegetables. At all-day dining restaurant “Elements”, menus include both local dishes such as ‘ryukyudon’ rice bowl, Oita beef sirloin, and locally caught fish, as well as western options. At ‘Atelier’, customers can enjoy cutting-edge gastronomic experiences and global culinary trends in the form of a full course dinner in modern settings. Attention has also been made in choosing tableware, which features Oita Prefecture based potter Ms. Naomi Hashimoto. At team time, customers can enjoy InterContinental’s famous Afternoon Tea. After dinner, customers can relax at the classic and authentic bar. 

Hotel Overview

Facility Name:                        ANA Intercontinental Hotel Beppu Resort & Spa

Scheduled to open:                 Thursday, August 1, 2019

Location:                          〒874-0000 499-18 Aza Sarukawa, Oaza, Kannawa, Beppu-shi, Oita

Tel:                                      + 81-97-766-1000

Fax:                                  + 81-97-766-1002

Transportation:                     To Oita Airport, approximately 1 hour 40 minutes flight from Tokyo Haneda Airport and approximately 1 hour flight from Osaka airport.

From Oita airport, approximately 40 minutes by car via East Kyushu Expressway, then approximately 7 minutes from Beppu IC.

Number of guestrooms:   89 rooms (68 Deluxe & Premium Room, 11 Club Room and 10 Suites)

Restaurants and bars:            “Elements (110 seats)”, “Atelier (21 seats)”, “Bar (13 seats)” “The Lounge (23 seats)” “Aqua (36 seats)”

Function Room:          Azure, Emerald, Boardroom

Hot Springs:                         Public bath (inner bath and open-air bath), family bath, private open-air baths of panoramic suite, junior suite & club room.

Other facilities:                     Infinity Pool, Spa

InquiriesBookings:            IHG ANA Hotels Booking Center 0120-056-658

From now, we will release information regarding the opening sequentially.