Do you want to enjoy a couple of hours of amusement and instagrammable moments for the price of nothing? Sasmung Galaxy Building is one of the most unique and yet-to-be-known spots for your visit! Samsung opened this new store in the middle of Harajuku in Tokyo. The front of the store is decorated with over 1,000 Galaxy smartphones. Here, you can find the latest smartphones, VR technology and all kinds of interactive activities from Galaxy and you can experience them all for free! Some attractions might be different depending on when you come and we’re going to show you the top 5 attractions and some tips for when you’re here.

One of the best ways to explore Tokyo is to visit the local areas and immerse yourself in the local culture. If you want to explore local areas, we have created scavenger hunt adventures personalised to your interests, filled with fun facts, clues and puzzles. If you’re curious, you can check out the games here!

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When you arrive at Galaxy Building in Harajuku, you will get to use one of their latest phone models for your experience inside. It acts as your guide and you can make reservations through the phone, collect points, take photos and videos. It is very intuitive and all the photos you take here will be sent to your email address. 

Mission to Space


Mission to Space is definitely the most exciting activity in the whole Galaxy building. You would be surprised that you can such an amazing experience in the middle of Harajuku! You get to put on a spacesuit and experience walking on the moon with the use of VR technology and other technologies. From the moment you put on your space suit, you will feel like you are able to conquer one of the fewest human experiences ever. This experience can only accommodate a certain number of people a day so make sure to come early and reserve as soon as you get your Galaxy phone. 

Social Galaxy

Galaxy Building Interactive and instagrammable experiences all for free social gallery

You can’t talk about instagrammable moment without visiting this social galaxy. Social Galaxy is another attraction in the Galaxy Building that gathers lots of people. You get to input your Instagram handle and experience viewing all your photos shown in front of you and keywords from comments read out to you. Definitely a very special Instagramable moment! Be aware that you can only experience one user’s Instagram per group and the experience is only about 1 minute, so be quick and don’t miss out on your photo moment! 

4D Theater

Galaxy Building: Interactive and instagrammable experiences all for free social gallery mission to space galaxy

4D Theater is another fun activity in this Galaxy building in Harajuku. Along with the VR technology, you get to experience a thrilling journey. The experience differs depending on when you come but we have experienced winter sports and kayaking. Make sure to look all around you when you are on the ride to get the full experience. 

Galaxy Orbit

Galaxy Building: Interactive and instagrammable experiences all for free social gallery mission to space galaxy orbit

Galaxy Orbit is an attraction in the Galaxy Building that captures you in a high-speed video, VR technology along with the use of lights. It is another great instagrammable moment! The Galaxy phone on the rails move around you and you just have to dance around, to get the 360-degree video. Beware that there is a slow-motion moment in the video. As you can see here, we failed but doing something like flicking your hair, or smiling at the camera would probably be a good idea. 

Galaxy Lightwave

Galaxy Lightwave is a fun one where you enter a dark room and 13 galaxy phones capture your moment from different angles. You get to create the light beams and make a colourful 3D painting of lights around yourself. 

Besides these experiences, there are quite a few more things you can do here. There are Galaxy Within and Galaxy and Olympics Games, where you get to check out the history of Galaxy phones, the different technologies and the ways that Galaxy has partnered with the Olympic Games throughout the years. It is a great place to get to know some history and interesting fun facts. Another fun area is the Kids area, where you get to control robots and give them commands to move around. 

Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee

Galaxy Building Interactive and instagrammable experiences all for free social gallery mission to space galaxy dumbo donuts

If you get tired, you can visit their Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee, where they serve giant doughnuts and have a terrace area for you to visit. Their terrace is gorgeous, with special instagrammable props and spots for you to capture special and delicious photos with the giant doughnuts!

During all these different experiences in the Galaxy Building in Harajuku, make sure to collect your points. You can exchange your points for a Doughnut, Olympic pins and other prizes. Quick tip here, make sure to leave a review with the stars after each experience to get 20 extra points. Before you know it, you will have a Doughnut and some pins to take home as souvenirs!

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