Going to a Japanese language school in Japan is one of the best ways to study the language and learn the culture. Being immersed in the Japanese community will help you learn the Japanese language and Japanese culture in a way that you would not be able to experience otherwise. This blog will take you through a complete guide of what benefits they have to offer, what to look for, how to find a school and some of our recommendations. 

Benefits of Japanese language school

How to find the right Japanese language school in Japan Benefits of language school

There are many benefits to going to Japanese language school, but here’s a short list. 

First, language school is a great opportunity to effectively and easily improve your Japanese. Studying a language can be a lot of work. It can also get discouraging, and it’s easy to get confused. Language school helps you step by step learn Japanese. Other students are at the same level as you, so you can all work together. Plus, these teachers can gently correct mistakes and you have opportunities every day to practice.

Second, you also get to learn about Japanese culture. Getting the full immersion of not only language but also culture is one of the best things about language school. Most schools offer multiple cultural activities, plus options to visit places and attractions you are interested in. Japanese culture is so unique and beautiful; language school allows you to learn and enjoy it. 

Third, you make global connections. Studying in Japan at a language school will allow you to meet multiple different types of people from all over the world. Some language schools offer internships or depending on how long you are there, you can even get part-time work in Japan. Making international connections is one of the most rewarding things you can do. You learn different perspectives and grow as a person, plus, you make long-lasting friends. 

What to look for in a Japanese language school 

How to find the right Japanese language school in Japan What to look for in a language school japan

So, what should you look for in a language school? 

First, the price. This is pretty obvious, but some schools are priced fairly while others are not. Look for schools that will give you everything you need for a reasonable price. Some language schools can be expensive, however, if you’re getting what you want, it is worth it. 

Second, find schools that invest in more than just language. Find schools that offer cultural experiences and special outings. I would also recommend finding places that offer host families. Living with a Japanese family is a fantastic way to improve your Japanese and understanding of the culture. You have to use Japanese and live in a different cultural environment. Host families are usually very generous in helping you. If a language school doesn’t offer this, find places that let you practice Japanese as often as possible. 

Third, find places that will give you more opportunities than just language learning. Some schools have programs that will help with part-time jobs, internships or even guidance to getting a job in Japan in the future. Language schools that invest in your future are going to be more interested in helping you with your studies. They will invest time and effort into you, and that’s what you need.

How to find a Japanese language school in Japan

How to find the right Japanese language school in Japan How to find a language school in Japan

Before you can actively start looking for a language school in Japan, you need to know what you’re looking for. Are you wanting long or short term? What do you want the focus to be? Where in Japan do you want to study? After you answer these basic questions, you can start your search. 

A simple google search will be fine. However, I would recommend finding the top-recommended language schools in Japan, or in a specific area or city that you’re hoping to live in. (e.g. Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, etc.) By searching for something specific like “top language school in Tokyo”, you will be able to narrow your search. Also, make sure to check reviews on the language schools you find and consider studying at.

If you’re in school, you could also talk to professors and get their opinion on good language schools. If your school has a Japanese program, or even Japanese language classes, chances are your professors can probably help you find something. 

Or if you’re in Japan, talk to friends and co-workers to see if they know of any good language schools. There are many Facebook groups or communities with people that have experienced going to language school. Don’t be afraid to ask and get people’s recommendations and feedback.

Best Japanese language schools in Japan

How to find the right Japanese language school in Japan Best language schools in Japan
Credits: KCP International

There are so many good language schools in Japan it’s hard to just pick a few. However, here are some of the best, top-rated language schools to help you on your journey. Be sure to check their websites for more information. 

KCP International Japanese Language School (Tokyo) is one of the best language schools Japan has to offer. It is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo and is open all year round. This school is also a non-profit organization. Its sole purpose is to provide quality language lessons despite your level. They also have opportunities for cultural immersion and allow you to connect with Japanese students to help sharpen your skills. You can study year-round and earn academic credits. 

The second school would be JaLS Group: Hokkaido Japanese Language School. This school is located in Sapporo and is surrounded by all the amazing sights and attractions Sapporo has to offer. It has classes during the fall, spring, summer and winter. They offer seasonal six-week courses. They have small class sizes, reasonable prices and even host families you can stay with to strengthen your skills. You get great language study as well as a great cultural experience. 

Third on our list is Meiji Academy – Japanese language, culture and internships. This school is located in Fukuoka and is open year-round. Meiji Academy is very flexible, and they offer many different options. They offer a standard course, intensive course, business course or two types of Japanese culture courses. They have host families, dormitories and even apartments for you to stay in while you are there.

The final school on this list is the JaLS Group: Kyoto Japanese Language School. Located in Kyoto and opened year-round, this school offers many seasonal courses as well as cultural immersion. This school provides students with the opportunity to attend three social activities per week. Surrounded by temples, nature and Japanese traditions, this school is a great spot to study the Japanese language and culture. 

Going to Japanese language school is such an amazing and fun opportunity to not only learn the Japanese language but also immerse yourself in Japanese life and culture. We hope this helped you on your journey to finding a language school in Japan! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know!