Want to try out different cuisines and take your pallet on an international tour? Check out Osake & World Obanzai in Nihonbashi. This restaurant is sure able to take you on a journey!

Osake & World Obanzai offers an international menu based on local cuisines from all over the world, in order to foster a global perspective and interest in other countries’ cultures through food.

The menu is designed to encourage people to enjoy the food culture of the worl” by recreating the memorable flavours for the staff and the local dishes they have encountered on their travels.

The menu offers obanzai and sake based on the theme of world cuisines. Both the menu and customer service are basically English-based (in Japanese if you prefer). It is a restaurant that makes you feel like you are travelling abroad.

Some of the dishes you can try here includes:

  • Emma Datsi (vegetable stew with green chillies) from Bhutan
  • Tabbouleh (parsley salad) from Lebanon
  • Mini meat pies from New Zealand
  • Corned beef titters from the United States
  • Pittipanna (fried rice with potatoes) from Sweden
  • Zilziltips (fried beef with rosemary) from Ethiopia


Come check out Osake & World Obanzai and get ready to take your pallet on an international journey!