Yakochu defies description.

Part of our job here at FL!P Guide is to visit bars and describe them. But, Yakochu defies description. I can tell you that there are neon lights all over the place, and that there are adorable light-bulb-turned-humidifiers that light up on the bar counter, and that there are rubber ducks everywhere. I can describe to you every inch of this bar, and, yet, no description could ever do this place justice. Having said that, I will do my best.

Yakochu’s entrance is covered with vines, and little rubber ducks are interwoven in them. It’s hard to miss so you probably won’t have any problems finding this place. It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Inside, however, is more like an acid trip.

Walking in, I was immediately overwhelmed. ‘Yakochu’ translates to sea sparkles, and that’s essentially what the bar looks like: just a great big luminescent light show. Once you’re seated, you’ll be so distracted by Yakochu’s interior that you won’t even really think about ordering a drink. There are random items everywhere, like train straps and a giant wine glass and a tiny fountain.

You’ll find such quirky items on the bar counter as well. They look like mere decorations, but they’re not; some are functional. I don’t want to spoil too much but there’ll be items that are actually speakers or items that create rainbow lights. What’s even more impressive is that these items are all handmade, made by the owner of the bar.

There’s another room in Yakochu. In there, you’ll find a keyboard, an electric drum set, and equipment for karaoke. Tell the owner you’d like to sing some karaoke and you will see the cleverest karaoke mic of all time. I shan’t spoil this for you.

The owner was impossibly friendly. He was happy to show us how everything worked, commenting that he was glad we were so interested, for many people did not appreciate such arts and crafts anymore and simply wanted to get drunk.

Yakochu is quite small, so if you’re in a group larger than four, things can get a little cramped.

Of the countless bars that I have visited, Yakochu stands out and then some. You don’t want to miss this place.