The Guest House Akasaka Palace is the only neo-baroque palace building in Japan that was built as the Tomiya Imperial Palace in 1902. It is a building that brings together Japanese architecture, art and crafts from the time, and shows full-scale modern Western-style architecture in the Meiji era.

Ten years after World War II, Japan started welcoming guests from abroad, so a large-scale renovation was carried out on the national guesthouse and a new Japanese style annexe was established. Together with this in 1974, it became the current guest house.

After the large-scale renovation work carried out in 2009, Akasaka Palace was designated as a national treasure as one of the representatives of Japanese architecture. Besides welcoming many kings, presidents, and prime ministers, it is also used as a venue for international conferences.

There are four visiting courses: Main building & garden, Japanese style annexe & main building & garden, Japanese style annexe & garden and garden on its own.