Araitenjinkitano Shrine enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, who is considered to be the god of both Bunbu and Buddhism. The deities of Araitenjinkitano Shrine are “Sugawara no Michizane” and “Ukemochi no Kami”, the god who controls food.

The village of Arai that was located here was blessed with abundant water. They prayed to Tenjin for protection from the flood damage of the Myoshoji River and prayed for a good harvest to Ukemochi, the parent of all food. Many people pray for construction safety, traffic safety, and prayer.

Although the date of construction of this shrine is not clear, it was called Tenmangu Shrine in the olden days, and during the Tensho era (1573-1592), it was reconstructed by Arai Yakushi’s founder, Samon Yukiharu. Even before that, it was a guardian shrine of this area.

Here in this shrine, there is a cow statue. It’s believed that if you have an unwell body part and stroke the corresponding body part of the cow, your health will improve.