Hawaii in Tokyo
This very cool Hawaiian, rock-themed bar is in a great location, just a stone’s throw from Shimokitazawa’s South West exit. With its vintage music selection, comfy seating and multi-colored neon decor, there are undeniable rock’n’roll after-party vibes.

The owner serves up all the old-favourites, as well as a variety of homemade infused spirits, including coffee-flavoured, clear Jack Daniels and cinnamon and red pepper vodka. Cozy and jam-packed with little slices of Americana (ask the owner about the ‘cheeky’ Levi’s ad!), Bar 808 Lounge is both undeniably authentic and a little bit hipster. It’ll look great on your Instagram stories, but it also delivers the goods (drinks-wise), and doesn’t feel like the kind of place where you need to rush. Take the time to admire all the memorabilia the owner has bought over the years and try as many drinks as you can — you’re unlikely to find the same incredible selection anywhere else!