The little oasis of Omotesando.

High fashion and street fashion, Omotesando is surely one of the trendiest areas in Tokyo making it a bit pricier as well.

Bar & Kitchen Fellows is an interesting place located just off the main road. The interior here takes you to the beach, Hawaii-inspired everything. Even the ashtrays are real clam shells! Although I’m not a fan of Hawaii-inspired restaurants in Japan, but I give Fellows an exception because the Hawaii doesn’t feel really commercialized but more that the owner just loves the tropical paradise.

The food here is a mix of South-East Asian and other western dishes combined. As weird as that sounds, the food is actually really tasty. We had some shrimp toast, grilled chicken, and grilled avocado. The prices for food start around 700yen for tapas and drinks from 500yen, which considering the area is quite cheap.

If you find yourself around Omotesando and want to grab a drink and a quick bite, this is a nice oasis away from the main crowd.