Classic 80’s and 90’s music to go with your beers.
For most people, Shimokitazawa is an area famous for its second-hand clothing stores; for others, it is known for its many bars, most with distinctive features – each place is rather unique and you’re unlikely to find similar bars in other neighbors. Among these bars is Knock On Wood.

Located on the second floor, a small and cozy bar awaited us. The owner was an elderly man who was more than happy to serve you with any kind of drink you desire from their extensive menu. The most memorable thing about this place was definitely the owner/bartender. He seemed genuinely interested in making our visit as great as possible, making conversation with each and every one of us so no one felt left out.
You can grab a seat at the long bar that seats about twelve, or you could grab a seat at the table if you’re in a larger group. The two tables that seat four each are off in their own separate area, half-hidden behind a hanging blanket, making the area very homey and semi-private.

Along with the great drinks and cozy atmosphere, you could quickly spend quite some time here enjoying yourself, whether it’s alone or with a small group.