Burg Holic creates the perfect balance of different ingredients. Burg Holic creates authentic burger patties and hamburgers along with fresh ingredients. The meat used at this restaurant for steaks and hamburgers is US black Angus beef. By carefully ageing for about 50 to 70 days, the beef is served as a very soft steak with a good aroma.

Burg Holic’s original patties have been researched for nearly a year. Patties are grilled over an open flame and then baked in an oven at 370 degrees Celsius. The salsa sauce used in the burgers is a real salsa made from fresh vegetables for each order. All bacon is handmade at the store. Aged Sangen pork and smoked with a large smoker in the store. The crispy texture of fresh vegetables and the aroma of spices bring out the flavour of the meat. The simplest menu, HOLIC BURGER is a signature, and you can taste each ingredient of the burger very well.