Pink Overload

Okay, this place is Cool, with a capital ‘C’. Bright pink walls covered in artsy designs, shiny disco balls, and bright neon signs—everything screams fun! They have a food menu with Japanese-Western creations (pasta, curry, etc.) and many drinks to choose from ass well. Definitely a place that excites you as you enter, and leaves you satisfied as you leave! Oh, and did I mention free WiFi?

Cafe Flamingo is a very interesting cafe/bar if not for its atmosphere alone: the soft red lighting gives off a very calming vibe in this spacious yet cozy bar. The food and dessert menus are certainly worth checking out as both are highly-rated among customers. The drink menu is extensive, featuring even options such as hard cider.

Flamingo has your classic bar stool seating if you’re with just a few friends, as well as tables and couches if you’re with a larger crowd, or if you just want to get cozy and comfortable with a special someone.

Flamingo is only about a 10 minute walk from Shibuya Station, tucked away from the vast crowds that roam the main streets.