Bars aren’t just places to drink and pass the time in anymore. We go to bars looking to be entertained, by music or decorations–some sort of novelty. And, Good Vibes Bar is most definitely novel.

Though DC and Marvel are rival companies, they join forces at Good Vibes Bar. Figurines and posters of superheroes from both companies occupy the bar. These superheroes also come to life in their movies being played at the bar. Sit back, relax and watch the movie with a drink and some snacks.

Good Vibes Bar has committed to their novelty, so much so even the cushions on the seats are superhero-themed.

The bar is small and cosy, fitting approximately 20 people. You can choose to have a seat at the bar where you’ll find the staff and bartenders more than happy to engage you in conversation. Or, you can decide the plushier, comfier option of chilling out on their sofas.

They have a wide selection of drinks of various types: beer, sours, shochu, cocktails… To accompany their drinks, you’ll also be served edamames, and who doesn’t like edamames?

If you’re in the Shimokitazawa area, Good Vibes Bar isn’t a bad place to check out. If it isn’t to your fancy, have no fear, Shimokitazawa is a cool, hip place full of interesting bars, coffee shops and second-hand stores for you to check out, too.