Hasegawa became a Micheline restaurant in 2018. It is a tonkatsu restaurant that specialises in premium Sangenton pork from Yamagata. Sangenton pork is a cross between three different breeds of pig. The pork that is used at Hasegawa is produced at Hirata Farm. This farm was established in 1967 by young pig farmers in the Shonai area of ​​Yamagata prefecture. The farm created its own integrated production and processing and distribution systems, such as developing breeds of pigs with excellent meat quality, self-breeding production that handles from piglet production to fattening, and in-house management of the processing department.

The pork is very fresh on its own. The meat is flavourful and you can feel the meat melting in your mouth with each bite you take. They also offer different seasonings and sauces to go with your tonkatsu, such as wasabi and rock salt, with ponzu sauce and tonkatsu sauce. 

Despite being a Michelin-starred restaurant, the price of each set meal is more than reasonable. If you’re looking for a pork-loin cutlet set meal, it is ¥1,100 for lunch and ¥1,650 for dinner. 

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