Juke Bar is a must-visit for fans of Japanese 80’s music.
A short few minutes walk from Nakano station, you’ll find a wall of Japanese pop stars next to the entrance. Inside, enjoy a cold one while listening to Japanese rock and pop music from the 80’s. Flip through the song menu of over 40,000 songs, pick a song, write it down on a piece of paper and hand it to the staff to hear it played over the speakers.

There is no seating charge or song request charge, and with beer and snacks that cost only 500 yen, J-Juke Bar is one of the more affordable bars. And, during happy hour (6 – 8pm), beer and cocktails go for just 300 yen!

Spacious and with friendly customers of all ages, there is a carefree and lighthearted vibe in J-Juke Bar. So just sit back and relax with a drink in your hand, and let the musical charm of the 80’s show you a good time.

If you enjoy Japanese music from the 80’s, check out J-Juke!