A Diner Run By A Diver
This quaint little place caught our attention straightaway. It looks cozy and casual and like a good place to have dinner in. And, it was. The food is delicious and if you didn’t enter hungry, you will be after watching all the food programs they play on their television screens anyway, so just order a drink and a few dishes to go with them. They provide their menus in English, too, so if you don’t speak Japanese, don’t worry about it.

The owner of the diner is also a diver, so you’ll see many diving-related things such as diving equipment around, as well as sea-related decorations like seashells and starfishes, both around the diner and in the glass tables you’d sit at, too. Also, there are two little fish tanks with actual fish in them, adding on to the sea-esque feel of this diner.

The owner of the diner is probably the biggest charm of the diner. She’s absolutely animated and cheerful and bubbly. She talks to her customers all the time (albeit in Japanese) and was happy to introduce to us the best places to go diving, and even offered to take us island-hopping with her, and also invited us to the annual dragon-boat race that happens in Yokohama.

Having said that, even if you don’t speak Japanese or you’re not interested in diving, Japanese Diner NIke serves great food and fairly strong drinks, and at a good price. It’s also very homey and comfortable, so we recommend it if you’re looking for a place to have dinner and drinks in.