Hot dogs & Homemade Liquors

Yokohama has a long history of bars rooted in the maritime era where a lot of western influence flowed through the port. Established in 1987, John John is one of those bars where you can feel the history through the walls, their wooden tables and the hospitality that is rare to find these days. From the outside it looks like a take-away hotdog shop, but set inside and you’ll find the bar that the locals call “home”.

Run by two lovely ladies, you can take a seat either at the bar or on small tables at the side. Although they don’t speak English, they are friendly and sweet, ready to give you any suggestions and advices you need. They’ve got simple classic cocktails as well as a variety of homemade flavored liquors. We tried the apple flavored vodka and chilly vodka. For those who can handle the heat, the chilly vodka with tomato juice is definitely our recommendation. The spiciness will definitely get you going.

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, try some of their specialty hot dogs. Nostalgically delicious, they’re good because their simple and without any unnecessary flair.