This should be an 80’s music nerd’s first stop in Tokyo.

Located only 3 minutes walk north from Nakano station in the bar district, Juke Bar is easy to spot with a portrait of the King of Pop right by the entrance. Juke is a music bar for western and American 80’s rock and pop music with around 40,000s songs available to play from cult classics ABBA, Queen, Michael Jackson to rare 80s songs. Just write down the song title on paper and hand it to the staff, and hear your song being blasted on the speakers! No need to pay any song fee or seating fee, just for what you drink and eat! Drink the 500 yen beer or 500 yen snacks.

Happy hour is from 6-8p with 300 yen beer and cocktails! Juke Bar is spacious and is perfect for your group to have a drinking party, or come alone if you really love 80s music. The customers vary from young people that love classic songs to older regular customers.