If you want to get there, quick and dirty, just let Jumanji take you.

Jumanji is a small club split into two floors of naughty, naughty goodness, never empty, even on weekdays, although it might just appear to be packed due to its size. Jumanji opens the upper floor by devoting most of it to a dance floor filled with small tables, with VIP booths snuggled into the corner. Perks of getting VIP include a small stage directly next to the table, where dancers come up to light up the night. Red laser beams cut through the crowd and LED crystals studs add a mysterious glow to the ceiling. Jumanji’s top floor reflects its edgy and diverse crowd, and constant pumping of hip hop and R&B keeps everybody bopping.

If the top floor fills up too much for you then you can slide down to the underground lagoon, where the red murky darkness is replaced by a sudden blue. A large LED disco ball sinks through the ceiling though the room is brightened up the screen behind the elevated DJ booth. Dancers grace the stage periodically through the night, creating a real splash in the night.

If great music, cheap booze, and a crowd that anyone can vibe with isn’t enough to sell you, Jumanji will. Also, two words: pizza menu.