Kagurazaka-dori starts at the bottom of Kagurazaka, turning right out of the west exit of Iidabashi Station and crossing Sotobori-dori, and goes up a slightly sloping slope, passing Bishamonten Zengokuji on the way to the top of Kagurazaka for about 400 m.

Both sides of the street are lined with old and new stores. If you enter the alley, you can still see the streets that remind you of the old Hanamachi.

We recommend that you combine a stroll along Kagurazaka Street with lunch. For those who wish to enjoy dinner in Kagurazaka, one of the pleasures of strolling is to enjoy sweet foods such as oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup) after lunch. There are some delicious sweet shops on Kagurazaka-dori.