Kawagoe Tsubaki no Kura is a traditional Japanese storehouse known as the “kura” and it is one of the largest shops in the area, selling traditional and cultural Japanese goods. The ceiling is high here and you will feel like you have walked into a new place when you enter this store. You can find all kinds of unique Japanese accessories and traditional clothes, shoes, bags and decor. 

Kawagoe Tsubaki no Kura consists of a few different stores. One of them is Wamonoya KAYA. At the end of the Edo period, Japan incorporated western culture, which greatly impacted the Japanese culture. Wamonoya KAYA showcases all kinds of traditional Japanese goods, as well as Japanese goods that have been influenced by western cultures. Iwakura is another store featured here, featuring different jewellery that represents the beauty of Japan. 

A unique spot of this shop is the Tsubakiya Foot Spa Tearoom. Along with a footbath, you can enjoy some Japanese drinks and sweets in the Japanese style garden. It is a great place to go after walking around Kawagoe and when you want to relax.