Kiryuusha is a small library in Shimokitazawa where you can find all kinds of books.

The name of the store is based on 気流の鳴る音 written by Yusuke Mita, which means “The Sound of the Airflow”. This is a shop with wood-grained walls and round windows that stand out among the buildings around. On the bookshelves that line up to cover the inside of the store, there are a lot of carefully selected old books and new books about the counterculture.

You can read books in the store, relax in the loft, or buy it and read it at home. Keep in mind that some items are not for sale. You can also hang out here while tasting tea, coffee and sake. One recommended drink here is soy milk chai and it’s created with different spices. There is also rich coffee brewed with hand drip and herbal liqueur Absinthe. Live concerts and various events are held here so make sure to check it on the official website.