Kitazawa Hachimanjinja is a 13-minute walk from the station. In addition to warding off evil, this shrine is known for praying for health and longevity, improving arts, marriage, easy delivery, child-rearing, career advancement, entertainment, beauty, and more. It is a shrine that is often visited by entertainers, such as the spiritualist Hiroyuki Ehara serving as a priest for a while. You can find different pictures of celebrities who have visited the shrine.

When you visit here, you should definitely try the “Kaiun Omikuji Magatama Collection”, which is only available at this shrine. For 400 yen each time, you will get a capsule containing a fortune slip and a magatama. Because the shrine is on a hill, you can see Mt. Fuji from here on a sunny day.

An 8-minute walk from the south exit of the station, you will pass through a quiet residential area, and the temple at the end of the slope is Shinganji Temple.

This temple, located a little far from the central area of ​​Shimokitazawa, has been certified as one of the 100 views of Setagaya as “Moxibustion Forest Iwaji Temple in Awashima”.