LG – Life is a Gamble.

Just down the steps from the streets of Shinjuku, enter the underground hip-hop bar, LG. Life is a Gamble has a badass sound system with fantastic bass – you need to check this place out if you love hip-hop and drinking for cheap (who doesn’t?). This hidden underground hideout has graffiti art all over the wall, American decor, and even a Spiderman hanging from the ceiling. Enjoy your favorite songs, ranging from Top 40s music to pop, hip-hop, and rap, all with strong bass. The music ranges from your favorite early 2000s Eminem and Lil Wayne hits current day jams. Although seating is limited, LG can get packed fast and pretty lit! Come with friends to watch sports or sing karaoke on the TV. If you come alone, don’t worry – it’s cosy, so be prepared to talk to people sitting next to you! There’s also free wifi and friendly staff that are down to talk.

LG is an underground bar that is definitely a hidden gem in Shinjuku. A must-go place for a fun atmosphere while drinking!

LG Bar